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Jessica recently bought a 27" TV for her apartment.  They didn't have a good stand for it, so I thought that might be an opportunity to work on my woodworking skills.  I designed a stand that would hold the TV, components, and CD, DVDs etc.

I used 1/2" MDF for the project.  It was very easy  to work with, but didn't smell nice like the cherry wood when being cut, and the saw dust was much messier.

It took one day to build the stand, and one day to apply the finish. 

I first drew the design for the sides on the top and bottom of the stand.

I then cut the dados and rabbets in the top, bottom and sides.

I drilled the holes for the adjustable shelves in the sides.

Here are all the pieces cut and ready to assemble. I routed a round edge on all the exposed sides.

Of course a new project requires a new tool. I bought an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer to apply the finish to the stand.

The shelves are primed and now I am ready to start on the stand.

The final coat of black paint goes on the stand.

Everything is finished and ready to have the casters put on the bottom.

Front view of finished stand.

Side view.

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